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CW: Darker Themes, Blood, Sex, Drugs

Buckle up, hand over the aux cord, and settle in for the first chapter of Cry: Hunter's Record, a road-tripping story about two cryptid-hunters. Follow the exploits of Lorelei Loveless, destitute witch, as she travels the countryside and comes face-to-face with the weird, the wild, and the forgotten. Part character drama, part action-horror, part lesbian romance, this opening chapter sets the stage for our tragic narrative, like the foreplay to a slow, sad fuck.

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Written & Directed by Bridget Renoux

Produced & Developed by Fae Morrigan Kells

Character Designs  & Portraits by Nana

Music by June Birnie


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Any news on more coming out? And also just wanna ask if everyone in the dev team is still alive/okay currently!

lore wonderful i love this game i love the art im going to die

This has an aesthetic and a vibe and it nails them both.

Lore is such a jackass, I love her unconditionally,

I look forward to seeing where y'all take this. Hopefully it involves more trans lesbians petting ridiculously-large mythical carnivores, 'cause that's the rep I didn't know I needed.

The text box did have an issue with cutting out a couple times, but that's as much a heads-up as a complaint, an' it ain't much of either. 

great vibes throughout, i loved the writing, sounds, and artwork :) really excited to see where it goes!

Thanks so much for the comment. Glad you enjoyed it!

ok so!! i made an itch account just to comment ahah

i just replayed Cry (reread?) and i really like the art and the writing!! the writing came from a very good place imo and it resonates a lot with both my preferences and me as a person, and the artist for the characters portraits has been my fav artist for a while now. the sound design was delightful too and added to the experience quite well, and im honestly considering buying this as a gift for people in my life.

ive heard a comment here would go a long way, so i really want to say im looking forward to future chapters!!

Aw wow thank you so so much! This really helps brighten the times for us, we're all so glad you enjoyed the game!! Comments like this really, really help so sincerely thank you!

Really cool! The whole atmosphere of it was awesome. Super interested to see these characters relationship progress. Next part when??? (I'm only kidding, please take your time <3)


Hey thanks for commenting! These girls are a mess alone and a whole other story together. Honestly we want to have a semi regular release schedule for Cry so hopefully next chapter soon!


I absolutely LOVED this! The interactions between Lorelei and Felicia were a delight to read early on before it got real serious, and basically riveting the rest of the time. The story was super engaging so far and I'm real eager to learn more about both of their backgrounds!


Thank you so much for leaving a comment! Comments make us happy. We're super excited to dig in to their sordid backgrounds in the next chapter, which should be out soon!


come get yall juice